The Jonathan Chetcuti Program raises €15,000 to build a playground in Ethiopia

Jonathan Dalli and Keith Marshall following their return from the Camino de Santiago

The Concept Stadium CEO walks the Camino de Santiago to keep Jonathan Chetcuti’s legacy alive 

Jonathan Dalli, Founder and CEO of The Concept Stadium, stated that the corporate backing and the crowdfund set-up in tandem generated little over €15,000. The funds will be used to construct a playground as part of a school complex in Bonga, Ethiopia, for 700 kids. SiGMA Foundation is in charge of the project.

Dalli began a 130-kilometer trek from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela over the course of five days after arriving in Spain on April 30th. He underwent weeks of daily preparation and training before to this voyage to ensure he was in good enough form to complete this arduous but gratifying and fulfilling trek. The crowdfund campaign was widely marketed throughout this campaign, in collaboration with The Concept Stadium and Zaar Crowdfunding Malta, and reached the €15,000 milestone immediately after the Camino de Santiago walk was completed.

“Two years ago I lost my buddy, my mate, my business partner and my best friend, however I am a firm believer that our memories will live on forever. I did this Camino de Santiago challenge to honour Jon, and by walking together, I hope I managed to keep his memory alive through the things he loved the most: sport and helping people,” said Dalli.

Dalli founded The Jonathan Chetcuti Program last year with Jon’s wife Elaine to help young athletes with outstanding promise, beginning with sponsoring the growth path of young sailor Richard Schultheis. On the two-year anniversary of Jon’s death, Dalli set himself a new goal and began yet another project for the Program. Apart from Dalli’s efforts, The Concept Stadium’s Commercial Creative Team also put their creative heads together to promote the project and assist the general public understand why they should give.

“Working hand in hand with our Creative Studio team and our Brand Communications team, we tried to capture the ‘why’ behind Jonathan’s eagerness to fulfil this challenge. Our main input was that of putting together ‘a day in the life’ type of video showcasing how Jonathan was integrating his training within his lifestyle and the reason why this experience was so important to him. A special thanks goes out to the team behind this campaign as their ideas and support helped us deliver a clear message that reaped fruit in the process,” said Alice Battistino, Social Media and Client Partner within within the Brand Communications team at The Concept Stadium.

Concluding, Keith Marshall, Chief Philantrophy Officer of The Sigma Foundation, said “Creating platforms as a way of fundraising for projects in needy countries has always been our mantra. The Camino de Santiago is no exception; and we’re thrilled that Jonathan Dalli joined us this May. It created a beautiful friendship and kindled an energy across a group of like-minded individuals that is hard to put into words. Every member had a challenge to meet, of course and it did get arduous at times but the camaraderie across the team helped everyone across the finish line. “All for one, one for all”. Our ethos, our mantra, our credo”.

In January 2023, Dalli will be travelling to Ethiopia to attend the inauguration of The Jonathan Chetcuti Outdoor Facilities as part of SiGMA Foundation’s school building project.

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