LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation contributes €10,000 to Mater Dei Hospital’s renal unit

In support of the advanced Traccia software system, the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation has contributed €10,000 to the Mater Dei Hospital’s Renal Unit.

The monies were raised at the NESCAFÉ LifeWalk Challenge 2021 charity event and will be used to support Traccia’s infrastructure in order to enable patients waiting for kidney transplants to identify compatible organs.

Every individual on the waiting list undergoes blood testing every four months to detect any changes in their sera that may jeopardise their transplant. All of this detailed and up-to-date medical data is saved in the Traccia programme, which speeds up the process of matching patients with donors’ kidneys. The use of the software has increased the odds of a successful transplant and prolonged graft life, allowing patients to enjoy longer lives free of the annoyance and necessity for dialysis.

The funds for this vital software, infrastructure, and medical staff battling for the benefit of renal patients on a daily basis has been gathered by 32 persons embarking on the arduous NESCAFÉ LifeWalk Challenge 2021. Only four days later, dedicated LifeWalkers completed the Herculean walking challenge of 100 miles across the United Kingdom, following the course of Hadrian’s Wall from coast to coast, to raise awareness and funds for renal patients and their families.

Shirley Cefai, Chairperson of LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation, stated, “We have been generating awareness and finances for renal patients in Malta for more than two decades.” While the epidemic has created tremendous inconvenience for us as well, we were able to launch a new challenge format, the LifeWalk, which has enabled us raise €10,000 in recognition of our ongoing assistance. The energising success of LifeWalk, as well as the funds we were able to raise, pushes us to continue our charitable activity with vigour, so that we may devote more determination to renal patients and their families in 2022 and the years ahead.”

The LifeWalk Challenge is an initiative developed by R.U.S.H. – The Renal Unit Support Hub in collaboration with the LifeCycle Challenge Malta (VO No. 0529). R.U.S.H. now offers external assistance to renal patients such as free transportation to nighttime treatment, free exercise sessions, free counselling guidance, and is now assisting the foundation in preparing a Wishlist for the coming year.

The LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation, the only non-governmental organisation in Malta that raises funds for renal patients, collaborates with the Renal Unit medical staff at Mater Dei Hospital and the UM’s kidney disease research team through the University’s Research Trust (RIDT). In addition, the LifeCycle Foundation raises awareness regarding organ transplantation in Malta.

Donations to the LifeCycle (Malta) Foundation can be made by Revolut at 99329101, or via PayPal at web URL,

as well as via SMS on the following numbers:

  • 5061 7370 = €2.33,
  • 5061 8920 = €6.99,
  • 5061 9229 = €11.65;

or via a call to numbers

  • 5160 2020 = €10,
  • 5170 2005 = €15, and
  • 5180 2006 =€25.    

Bank details are:

  • Swift code VALLMTMT,
  • IBAN MT 18 VALL 22013000000014814521017,
  • Bank name Bank of Valletta,
  • Account number 14814521017.

For more information, one can visit or