Kai Naudi, 13, completed a 7-kilometre swim from Gozo to Malta to raise awareness against bullying and funds for NGOs

Kai Naudi, 13, undertook a gruelling 7-kilometer swim between Gozo and Malta to raise awareness about bullying in Malta and funding to combat it. Naudi intended to collect money for bBrave and Inspire, stating that he wanted to do something huge because he had been bullied himself.

Originally scheduled to swim 6km in three hours at a speed of three minutes per 100m, Kai ended up swimming 7km in 2 hours and 58 minutes owing to a last-minute route adjustment. Kai has been practising for this challenge with the help of his coach, Jeffrey Galea, for over a year.

“I want other people, especially children who have or are presently facing any type of bullying, to know that there is a rainbow after the storm, that things do get better, and that they can overcome this,” Kai said before to the challenge. Just like I did. Today, all I know is that I’m a better person than I was told I was.”

He finished the swim despite the fact that water currents earlier today proved to be more difficult than predicted, raising concerns about whether Naudi might have to abandon ship. He soldiered on, though, and accomplished his objective as part of Brave the Wave.

Kai’s mother stated that he was naturally weary after a year of training and was taking a well-deserved rest. Kai trained five to six times a week, performing short and long swims at sea and at the national pool. She stated that he is thrilled to continue raising awareness about the effects of bullying and desires to continue gathering donations so that inspire and bBrave can collect the cash they require for the rehab centre and the start of the anti-bullying campaign.

Kai thanked everyone who helped him and St Martin’s College for their unwavering support, and he celebrated his successful swim that evening with a few pals.

Donations to Kai’s inspirational cause can be made through the following methods:

  • For free donation amounts, such as donations from businesses or pledges, one can donate by calling on +356 99835106 or by sending an email to fundraising@inspire.org.mt
  • An SMS may be sent to 50618926 for donations of €6.99 or on 50619215 for donations of €11.65.
  • Donations are also possible via these three bank accounts:

HSBC: Account Number: 049015522001
IBAN: MT45MMEB44495000000049015522001

BOV: IBAN: MT66VALL22013000000040017862343

APS: IBAN: MT85APSB77080005969620000804217