[WATCH] Valletta street furniture impedes ambulance on emergency

Dismal and lousy urban town planning is to blame for difficulty encountered by an ambulance as it tries to navigate through street furniture along a Valletta town core street.

“Gentlemen at the Planning Authority, at Transport Malta and other enforcement agencies: do you know what you are doing? Do you know that you are endangering people’s lives?” is how the deputy mayor of Valletta, Ray Azzopardi started his posted message on social media this morning.

This was because of an incident along Merchants Street in Valletta, when an ambulance tried to navigate with great difficulty through Valletta’s city core through a warren of restaurant tables plonked in the middle of its way.

“You know that you are so wise that you are not even aware of your own ignorance. Is this what you want? First comes commerce and then people’s lives? I am not against trade but one cannot think of just one sole thing,” the Valletta deputy mayor stressed in his message addressed to those authorities concerned.

He went on to say that “there is the logic that you probably lack in the innermost recesses of your minds.”

In his genuine appeal, Azzopardi reiterated that he dreaded the moment when a person’s life would be lost because emergency services too late on the spot of sokme accident.

Local Malta web news portal ‘StradRjali‘ spoke to deputy mayor Ray Azzopardi, who happened to be on location at the time when the ambulance was attempting to go through several other roads but it couldn’t because of several tables and cars were obstructing its way.

“We have now ended up in a life and death situation where probably, because of the great amount of time-wasted by an ambulance to arrive at its destination, it might be too late for the casualty,” Azzopardi said in his comments to ‘StradaRjali‘. He added that “this was an ambulance, and if it were a firefighters’ truck, what would have happened?”

“Wake up from the slumber that you are in… A storm is acoming, don’t let it come,” Azzopardi said.

An ambulance en route to an emergency case, trying to navigate through the street furniture clutter of restaurants along Merchants Street in Valletta (Photo: video screengrabs via Stradarjali web news portal)