Severe traffic on the roads reported this morning

If you were stuck and delayed this morning in traffic, on the way to work or to drop off your kids at school, then console yourself that you weren’t the only one moaning about the dire traffic viability situation in Malta today.

This morning, several commuting drivers experienced more than usual delays in getting to their destinations or just journeying between two points on this small island, sized 17 by 9 miles only (smaller than Rhode Island, USA in fact). This was due to a large amount of traffic that developed in the course of the early hours of the morning right into rush hour, particularly in the central parts of Malta where many of the main roads converge.

There were several individuals who complained about this morning’s traffic, on social media as well as to news media outlets’ own newsrooms, describing all the mayhem and mess as “huge”.

Motorists or commuters on public transport from the central and north parts of Malta vociferously lamented that it became impossible to drive from 7 am onwards. In fact, several social-media-shared photos showed how bad the traffic situation really was, especially in the direction from Rabat heading into Hamrun.

While radio breakfast show DJs were having a field day enjoying the added input and content to their morning’s programmes with their being inundated with listeners phoning in traffic jam reports, the congestion and confusion were also reported in the Attard area, Xemxija Bay as well as through the Santa Venera tunnels, where – to make matters worse – traffic was intense and stagnant.

This problem has been evident for weeks with several people complaining that heaven forbid that there’s some major emergency or calamity of sorts because the traffic situation as it is right now with do nothing to help that situation.