“No Ministerial press-conferences are held here, it seems…!!!”; the filth left to fester in a nature reserve area

The public land which makes up the Natura 2000 reserve in the Għar Lapsi area are a sore sight indeed, as the environmentalist group 7R Lifestyle Malta has revealed in a Facebook post it has published, showing accumulated rubbish and inadequate garbage collection facilities.

The group counted some 5 skips for rubbish and general garbage of all sorts, with their contents overflowing on to their immediate area.

One of these skips was broken, besides overflowing with outpouring garbage that it had accumulated in it.

The basic 5 skips placed in this area are not enough, according to the 7R Lifestyle Malta group. And there are serious concerns as to what schedule is operated and maintained for the garbage pick up, especially after some full night’s foul and windy weather.

Such garbage spills would eventually find itself into the nearby sea, where the general public swims, drinks, and relaxes. All this while the area’s conservation is up in tatters.

The group have posed questions how this is all being tolerated. While they say they have no qualms with individuals earning their living, which may generate a volume of garbage, but it remains profoundly wrong that such conduct of business is made at nature’s expense.

While not accepting anymore such gross environmental negligence, the group augurs that the area becomes one of the cleanest in Malta, and appealed for volunteers to help in its ranks and by not accepting anymore the culture of ‘garbage everywhere one goes to’.

One environmental observer said, on condition of anonymity that “it is more than obvious that no Ministerial press-conferences and feel-good activity events are held here,… as otherwise the area would be spick-and-span well before the Tv cameras arrive and newspaper photos are taken.” Then again, she questioned whether the public cleansing standards or those of occupational health-and-safety, are at all observed by area operators and their garbage collectors, or if enforcement is effectively being implemented at all.