GreenPak awarded the coveted National Energy Globe Award

GreenPak has been named the national winner of the 2021 Energy Globe Award thanks to its pioneering project – iBiNs

GreenPak has been chosen the national winner of the 2021 Energy Globe Award for its groundbreaking concept, iBiNs. The recycling project was noted as an example of a solution that blends cutting-edge technology with practical methods to produce substantial environmental benefits.

The Energy Globe Foundation revealed this during the 22nd Energy Globe Awards event, which coincided with COP26 in Glasgow.

The technology used in GreenPak’s iBiNs – Intelligent Recycling initiative provides the public with precise information and instructions to the nearest iBiN. Anyone with a smartphone may use the web-app (, which features an integrated Google Maps feature.

Additionally, the network of 800 iBiNs sends data to a Management System, allowing GreenPak to forecast when the iBiNs need to be emptied and optimise trash collection truck routes. When combined, this results in a more ecologically friendly service since garbage is divided by substance and reduced traffic because fewer trips are required.

“After replacing traditional bins, public usage increased by 39%, resulting in a 24% increase in waste collected, a 22% reduction in unnecessary collection trips, saving approximately 21,500 litres of fuel and reducing traffic movements and vehicle emissions,”  said  GreenPak  CEO,  Ing. Mario Schembri.

The ENERGY GLOBE Award is today’s most renowned environmental award, with over 180 nations participating. It is given out annually to initiatives that save our environment via personal action, sustainable projects, or campaigns that raise awareness about sustainability. The prizes for these numerous initiatives are given in the countries where the projects were carried out in collaboration with partners, most notably the worldwide offices of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and UNIDO.

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