Ditching your car for a Maltese metro tube equivalent

Government is soon set to publish studies which it commissioned on introducing a metro on the Island, according to the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Abela. The research would be made available for public comment, since the Abela believes that such a large undertaking is important for future generations.

The studies, which are said to have been completed since last February, will be revealed in the coming weeks, Abela revelaed while addressing a Labour Party rally on the eve of the Independence Day public holiday. The metro, which has the potential to transform public transportation, should be studied from all perspectives, according to ther Prime Minister.

Such considerations would include whether or not a metro is actually necessary, whether such transportation is ready to be used instead of private cars, whether the public is prepared for the inconveniences that will arise while the metro is being built, and even whether the public is prepared to continue ‘modernising’ the country. The Prime Minister underlined the need of considering future generations when making decisions that might affect not just transportation but also the whole environment of Malta.