Opposition leader condemns health authorities’ student discrimination

After the news that University students’ return to campus was not as yet ascertained, Nationalist Party leader Dr Bernard Grech posted on Facebook words of displeasure about this apparent discrimination. He expressed his solidarity with all of the students who are still not permitted to attend lectures in person after two years being off campus.

And this despite they being fully vaccinated and while there are large mass events being permitted and with even with small classes receiving the green light to be held. Dr Grech expressed that even though listening to the health authorities is a crucial thing to do, these same authorities must explain why such discrimination is taking place.

Dr Grech underlined the right to proper education and its necessitated priority, stating that as Malta moves towards normality, there must be more of a political direction. This follows the law student organizations open letter to Prime Minister Dr Robert Abela, who urged him to allow their return to campus. With Gateway Building on campus still being used as a COVID-19 facility, it remains unsure whether the return will be warranted any sooner.