Italian students risking suspension from school for bringing baked pasta for their lunch break

In the Italian town of Andria in the Puglia region, 10 students are risking suspension from school after they brought baked pasta for their daily lunch break.

“We cannot allow hot food to be consumed at school because it is does not conform to internal regulations and covid restrictions,” accoridn to the school’s principal or headmaster of the the Colasanto High School of Andria, Cosimo Antonio Strazzeri.

Disciplinary measures are being applied on ten students for their having brought to school single-portion baked pasta as a snack for their daily lunch break. Strazzeri already declarewd that he does not want to reverse the decision taken on the matter, going on further to warn both teaching staff and students as he made the rounds of the school’s classroom during recreation, warning them that disciplinary measures would be triggered if the rules weren’t followed.

The principal’s opinion on the whole matter is simple: “This is a place dedicated to teaching and for the consumption of hot meals that are impossible to consume in 10 minutes, also compromising the digestive phase. Then, at Colasanto the staff don’t do double shifts, we haven’t an authorised canteen where hot meals are catered and it remains unjustifiable to have the introduction of hot foods from the outside source and of uncertain origin”.

He added that under the COVID-19 emergency still underway, it remains unimaginable having to handle foods without the proper staff and facilities to do so, when circumstances impose the respect of regulations and norms from the sanitary and hygienic aspect of things.