Rescued dog from Birżebbuġa had broken jaw, a ruptured eyeball and an infection

“Agnes” is suffering from overall medical neglect: a burst eye and another infected one, as well a burst ear drum.

The dogs confiscated from a residence in Birżebbuġa were all in very bad shape when the Police and the Animal Welfare Department raided the location, where they found 45 dogs crammed inside in the premises, all in appalling conditions.

This residence’s owner, Antonio Vella, had been earlier in the week sentenced by the Courts not to keep dogs for a period of 25 years, along with a suspended sentence and a €20,000 fine on being found guilty of breaching a number of animal protection laws.

During the raid at the residence, the law enforcement authorities found dead dogs as well as some that were locked in wardrobes.

After being confiscated, all dogs were taken for the necessary tests. They were then quarantined and were afterwards distributed to a number of animal sanctuaries and fosterers since not all of them could be held together given this was a case having a large number of dogs.

Among the dogs found, a bitch was found in extremely poor conditions, having a broken jaw, a ruptured eyeball as well as a number of infections.

It is being held at the Association for Abandoned Animals who are now caring for the worst cases found amongst the confiscated dogs. The bitch in question also had decayed teeth, and when it ate anything she would choke. Unfortunately, it neither can see well from one of its eyes also.

A tiny King Charles which has been named “Kathleen”, having infected milk-filled breasts and no pups. Has sore skin around breats which bleed on occasions.

The Association for Abandoned Animals that the confiscated dogs at their sanctuary are not for adoption since they still need several weeks and months of treatment and care.

The sanctuary is urging the public willing to help to contribute via donations on BOV Mobile 79730921 by using any of the following SMS text messaging numbers:

  • 50617350 for €2.33
  • 50618060 for €4.66
  • 50618910 for €6.99
  • 50619200 for €11.66