Over €18 million being spent in Malta for filming of ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’

Movie’s producers get the unique Malta experience shooting the Steven Spielberg’s production company Amblin‘s film production here

The Maltese film industry sees continued and strength, especially after the pandemic, making it amongst one of the best in the world,” was the key-phrase to take home from a news conference at the Maltese Film Studios in Kalkara, where a multi-million film ‘The Last Voyage of the Demeter’ is currently being shot.

One of the producers, Brad Fischer, explained how this film is connected to the sea, so Malta was one of the natural locations for this film to use. He also explained the story of this film. ‘The film is based on a chapter from Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. It tells the story of the merchant ship that took Dracula from Transylvania to England, which was chartered to carry cargo and he was part of the cargo.”

Another producer, Matt Hirsch insisted that in Malta they found great support, and their experience was so exceptional that they are surely going to find themselves returning for other projects. Apart from the aseptic beauty that the Islands offer, he said that the incentives and indispensable facilities – such as water tanks at Rinella – are the factors that attracted this film to Malta.

“We scouted it in February but the cash rebate, the film incentive is a big factor in how we came here and Malta has one of the highest rates of film incentive in the world actually, which is very attractive to film makers as we try to maximise our dollars’ worth.”

Film Commissioner Johann Grech said that a thousand people were employed as extras or part of the technical team. He insisted that Malta Film Studios is continuing to be renewed over time, and how the Malta Film Commission is working to make the Islands known also for its own local productions.

“The Malta Film Commission continues to work, not only to attract large productions from big studios and foreign filmmakers to work their productions in Malta, but also continue to help local producers to further strengthen their product and sell it well abroad.”

Minister for Tourism, Clayton Bartolo, said that this sector was among the most resilient during the pandemic and that this production is evidence of the relentless work of the Malta Film Commission. He concluded by saying that the Maltese Government is going to continue to work so that the Islands offer great talents for foreign producers, and thus tourism to our country will be diversified and sustainable.