MUSIC: What better way to celebrate a band’s 20th anniversary than releasing a new track?!

Maltese rock music lovers were in the 2000s spoiled for choice, as there were several venues – in stark difference to today – where the amount of local bands attempted to establish a name for themselves and, maybe, even elsewhere abroad.

However, there are just a few of those bands to which many local musicians can trace their initial moments of inspiration… and one of them is celebrating 20 years of music and friendship…

SCAR, who were formed in mid-2001, rose to prominence with the publication of their debut album in 2003. Their line-up remains with Axel Borg, David Cassar Torreggiani, Konrad Pule and Michael Scicluna. They merged old-school instrumentals and new-classic voices to create a sound that Malta had never heard before.

The band immediately went on to become a household name in Malta and especially after winning a Best Album Production album award in that same year, reaching local radio charts and staying there for weeks on end.

This is a band that has gained airplay on Rai Uno and American radio stations, and by 2005, Scar had struck a distribution contract with Germany’s Cargo Records to have their CD distributed internationally. “The Mediterranean rock will soon be on the rock and roll map,” Musimarkt Magazine predicted after their debut.  They were even played as far out as America. 

To their credit, the band had attempted to represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest twice, reaching the Eurovision Song Contest Finals on both occasions. However, despite their good will and drive, and also having performed at Rockestra over the years, the last decade has been quite quiet for the band many might say.

SCAR have over the years left their mark on the Islands’ music scene, with the sales of their albums, topping local charts and the taste of foreign ones as well. They have accumulated under their belt 20 years’ worth of music and events which they and their fans fondly love to reminisce “down memory land” now, given the popularity of their songs and their lyrics.

On their 20th anniversary, SCAR have released “EVERLAST”, recorded at Temple Studios in Mistra Bay under the production, mixing and mastering skills of David Vella.

Video: directed and produced by Karolis Vitonis,
Filmed at DB Seabank Resort
Special Thanks to:
Dope dance company (Dancers: Charlotte Stivala, Denise Mercieca, Federica Nicastro, Kayley jo Vella, Warren Bonello)
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