Lyndsay’s new summer track music video “Hanging” released ahead of her upcoming debut album, “Dopamine”

Young, driven, passionate and a versatile all-round performing artist, Lyndsay Pace has returned to the local Maltese music scene with a taster of her upcoming debut album, “Dopamine”. Her music track’s video release of “Hanging” is an exciting teaser of her album’s summer release.

With a performing career ranging from the stages of local festivals and reaching girl band media-related projects, this 32-year old vibrant singer-songwriter is no stranger to the Maltese music scene. She continues to project her pure energy stemmed from her passion for music, her self-confidence, a resilient can-do-attitude and her mettle to do it all.

Having received professional speech-training in the UK, Lyndsay’s grasp of her craft and art have made her over time more confident, outgoing and having a much more stronger personality, traits which are crucial in the music industry anywhere.

From her early participation on local TV shows, Lyndsay has since her capabilities shine more on contest shows as well, where from she earned positive results alongside other noteworthy and significant local artists. With the recognition and positive experiences gained throughout, she then saw herself involved musical collaborations of all sorts. One of these morphed into the thrilling year-long formation of Malta’s first all-girl band, ‘Vieve’.

As any developing and maturing artist, Lyndsay furthered her work by fusing her original pop material with rock, to express her feelings and emotions. With worldwide streaming from London, her EP compilation and a live acoustic session under the belt, led to topping Malta’s charts as well.

With an accumulated number of awards and gigs abroad as well (like, UK’s “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2014, was one of these) Lyndsay’s inspirations remain stemmed from personal experiences and interactions with individuals who affect her in some way or another. Her sound is still a release of high-energy with uplifting melodies that retain an overall upbeat vibe. Such a unique approach of hers also permit her to share her own opinions about the world, with a varying number of music genre influences and artists lending their impact into the mix.

Much more has passed under the bridge, but her fresh tune “Hanging” is a full reflection of all her achievements, aspirations and life in general. Penned and produced by Michael James Down, Will Taylor and Charlotte Churchman in collaboration with Highkey Music from the UK, all remain eager to hear now her album “Dopamine” later this summer.