New music video release by Amber, from her album ‘I Need You’.

Last year singer-songwriter Amber released her album titled 1991 which was also a way to celebrate her 30th birthday with her followers. A year later she releases her latest track off of the album ‘I Need You’ along with an edgy music video which was produced by tribe. 

According to Amber ‘’The song portrays the feeling of when you’re truly madly deeply in love with someone, and not being able to function through the day. Even though you still haven’t declared your love to the other person. However the thought of being in love is too much and you cannot resist it. You’re constantly thinking about the person and wanting to be next to him/her at all times’’

She adds that she wrote this song in the studio with Matteo Depares. ‘’We spent a whole weekend writing and discussing new material when we came up with this fun melody which then Matteo transformed into an incredible production. To finish it off we took it to Elton Zee at WickedandLoud to work his magic on the mastering of the track’’

Now that the music scene is working its way back to normality where it comes to live performances, all can expect to see and hear more of Amber do what she does best and that is performing on stage.