Repairs carried out after TheIsland.Mt signals dismal state of affairs on Triton Square at Valletta’s City Gate

Readers and patrons of TheIsland.Mt had a around a month ago or so shared with this web news portal, images of broken protective glass windows which were purposely placed in the design of renovations works of Triton Square, outside City Gate in Valletta.

The thick glass windows are meant to show the remains of the foundations of the Valletta outer fortifications connected to Santa Maddalena Ravelin (demolished by the British colonial administration in the second half of the 19th century). These remains were uncovered during the recent works on the square and were purposely preserved for posterity in the rejuvenated square’s public space.

Glass surfaces cordoned off on Triton Square for safety after TheIsland.Mt’s Facebook post had highlighted dismal state of affairs.

Following our post on FACEBOOK social media, it seems that either the repair works were already on the cards, or else somebody was nudged, pinpricked or butt kicked into motion to carry out the long overdue and necessary repairs of this most prominent public space in Malta.

Local Maltese language web news portal also carried out Facebook post’s story, adding a comment from an individual who said that it was unbecoming for such broken viewing windows to be left at the nation’s capital like that. Others lamented that it was neither apt that they were placed there like that since the glass surfaces were themselves slippery and a special nonslip quality glass ought to have been used.

After both web news portals carried the story, we are now glad to report that repair works have been carried out and it goes a long way to signify that your word counts, both individually and collectively for the concerned and responsible authorities to act when and where there are lapses, oversights or simple plain neglect.