Former government executive and ex-Labour Party delegate Mark Camilleri threatened by libel action from ex-Interior Minister

Former Interior minister threatens to sue author Mark Camilleri

New Executive Chairman of National Book Council appointed

Mr Mark Camilleri has been appointed as the new executive chairman of the National Book Council.

OPINION: Books… And The Love Of Them

OPINION: Are the Maltese reading enough books, and of the right sort?

Anti-censorship activist & National Book Council chairman’s contract not renewed

The contract of an anti-censorship campaigner whose excellent leadership of the National Book Council coexisted with…

OPINION: A Very Good Thing

OPINION: The absolute need that our school children and tertiary students be placed in possession of…

Mark Camilleri with new book containing “new facts about Government corruption”

In a startling revelation, Mark Camilleri, the Executive Chairman of the National Book Council, wrote on…

OPINION: What To Teach?

OPINION: “What is being taught to our kids these days?”

As Labour Hq orders to pull from its shelves Dom Mintoff’s biography, author Montebello defends his work

Controversial "The Tail that Wagged the Dog" will also no longer be discussed on Labour Party's…

Mintoff’s children disassociate themselves from the latest biography on their father

Mintoff's children say Father Mark Montebello's biography about their father is full of inaccuracies, lies, allegations…

Former PN MP Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, publishes his memoirs in a book.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando' memoirs expose former foes, dubbed "assholes and traitors."